Mutual Funds

Vanguard mutual funds

We believe that successful active management is driven by a combination of top talent, low costs, and patience. This conviction, coupled with our rigorous manager selection and oversight process, has produced impressive long-term results.1
  • Talent: Carefully select managers with a proven process and demonstrable ability
  • Low costs: Don't let high fees destroy fund performance
  • Patience: Accept that there will be periods of underperformance

Our approach to active fund management

We're one of the world's largest active managers, with $8.7 trillion USD in active funds under management.2 Vanguard active funds are managed by a combination of in-house teams and a variety of external sub-advisors. We use this multi-advisor approach to help reduce volatility and deliver a more predictable pattern of returns. All of our fund managers—in-house and external—are held to the rigorous standards of the manager selection and oversight process that we've refined over more than 40 years.

A distinctive approach to manager selection and oversight

Unique ownership structure and global scale. Together, these attributes allow us to lower costs to help our investors earn more over time.

A focus on drivers, not outcomes. We look beyond short-term performance, aiming to assess the true, sustainable drivers of long-term outperformance.

Multi-advisor structure. Pairing advisors with different but complementary styles provides diversity of thought and helps us mitigate volatility.

Loyal relationships. When we hire sub-advisors, we seek partnerships that will last for decades. Our equity sub-advisors have an average tenure of 14 years with us.

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Of Vanguard's actively managed multi-advisor funds, 83% outperformed their Lipper peer-group averages for the ten-year period ending December 31, 2023. Includes U.S.-domiciled funds only. Source: Lipper, a Thomson Reuters Company.

Source: Vanguard Assets as of January 31, 2024.